Kouddous gives voice to individual Egyptians

Some of the most remarkable video coverage of Egypt is coming from Democracy Now! Senior Producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Producer Hany Massoud.

With increased violence against journalists forcing a limit on coverage, sometimes to anonymous wide shots, Kouddous’ team has been highlighting the voices of individual Egyptians from Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Perhaps what helps make the coverage so compelling is that Kouddous grew up in Cairo. He offers a unique perspective of this moment in history as he walks side-by-side with Egyptian men, women and children through the dramatically changed heart of his hometown.

Especially striking in the coverage is protestors’ attempts to maintain nonviolent resistance, even while such efforts have sometimes slipped in the chaos.

The coverage has also been marked by the inclusiveness and diversity of demonstrators: men and women, young and old, economically-advantaged as well as -challenged.

On Saturday, Democracy Now! will bring expanded coverage of Kouddous in Egypt with a two-hour special on Link TV and Free Speech TV at 11 a.m. ET; the broadcast will also stream live at democracynow.org.

You can follow Kouddous’ tweets at Democracy Now!

Meanwhile, after its staff member was detained by police in Cairo yesterday, Amnesty International is calling on Egyptian authorities to release all human rights monitors in custody, including its own staffer and a delegate from Human Rights Watch.

To petition Mahmoud Wagdy, Egyptian Minister of the Interior, visit Amnesty International.

We send out wishes of safety and well-being to Kouddous and his team, along with all journalists, human rights defenders and the people of Egypt.

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