A new journalism is born in Benghazi

Today’s episode of “Democracy Now!” features a poignant segment by correspondent Anjali Kamat who, with videographer Yusuf Misdaq, tours a newly assembled media center, staffed by volunteers who include dentists and communications engineers.

She also meets with former state-run radio employees who are opening up the airwaves with “Free Libya Radio.”

Meanwhile, rebels are imploring the international community to act immediately to intervene in the crisis on behalf of civilians.

For more on the situation in Benghazi, see the Human Rights Watch statement, “Libya: Benghazi Civilians Face Grave Risk.”

Meanwhile, United Nations official Irina Bokova has called on Libyan authorities to respect human life, protect the lives of children and allow for freedom of expression.

Bokova, the director-general of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), released a statement today urging the Libyan government to bring an end to intimidation of teachers and students and well as journalists.

A number of journalists have been reported missing in Libya, including Anthony Shadid; Stephen Farrell; Tyler Hicks; and Lynsey Addario of the New York Times.

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