Come hitch a ride and ‘Fly Over Egypt’

This one goes out to the artists, the human rights advocates and the hybrids among us.

Amidst the struggle, it feels a little bit like hope.

“Fly Over Egypt” is from The Narcicyst, aka Yassin Alsalman, a Montreal-based author, actor and hip-hop artist, raised by Iranian parents in Dubai. The man is on a mission to challenge stereotypes about Arab people.

Amenian-American artist Bei Ru, a Los Angeles-based producer/DJ who fuses hip-hop with vintage Armenian melodies, produced the video. He said it commemorates “a year of revolution and change in Egypt.”

Directed by Egyptian-American Wesam Nassar, it was shot by Nassar and a group of artists – native Egyptians and those from away – during the year that saw Hosni Mubarak abdicate. It features photography by Ridwan Adhami and Tamara Abdul HadiSundus Abdul Hadi was behind the concept, and Nik Brovkin created the typography.

Definitely worth a look, the lyrics are rich, dotted with provoking homonyms:

In the light of day you are more than just a knight 
seeking for a right of way asking is it just to fight
I feel the winds of change, but everything is still the same
Even though I fear the sun, I can only see the reign

It debuted on VIBE in January, extending Happy Birthday wishes to Mas’r – the word for “Egypt” in Egyptian Arabic.

For more on Mas’r as it continues to find its footing on brave new ground, follow journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous on Twitter @sharifkouddous and the blog Egypt Reports.

Also of interest is today’s Egypt Independent article by Ahmad Shokr, “Was 11 February a failure?

Shuk’ran to Kouddous for the heads-up.


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