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Jenni's notes

"The Distance to Darfur" tells the story of two refugees from Darfur, Sudan, who resettle in New England.

The short documentary provides a glimpse into the triumphs and challenges they encounter as they build new lives in Portland, Maine, and Worcester, Mass. All the while, they use their voices to raise awareness about the ongoing genocide and to improve the lives of those close to them – and those who remain back home.


Deep gratitude goes out to those who bravely told their stories in the film and to those who supported its making, especially Teaching Assistant Ryan White; fellow student Randa Mardelli; Maine Media College Film Program Director Mimi Edmunds and the entire faculty.

Thanks also to CBS's "60 Minutes" and the former Save Darfur, now United to End Genocide, for permission to use footage of Darfur and eastern Chad.